Computation Structures

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Week of 12/17:

Quiz 3 is on Thursday Dec. 20th from 9:00-11:00AM in 10-250 (Last names: A-S) and 4-370 (Last names: T-Z).

Week of 12/10:

Both lecture and recitation are optional this week. Lecture will be a fun lecture but will not be covered on quiz 3. Recitation will be an opportunity to ask questions rather than a session led by your instructors. For students in Song or Maleen's recitations, please attend the other recitation that meets at the same time as Song and Maleen will be out on Wednesday.

Quiz 3 is on lectures L15-L25. Practice quizzes from last term have been posted together with their solutions.

There will be a quiz 3 review session on Tuesday, Dec. 18th 7:30-9:00PM in 34-101.

Week of 12/03:

Hello everyone. We are almost at the end of the course. We want to remind everyone that in order to pass 6.004, you must have passed and checked off all of your labs. This means that if you still have any labs that are not complete or have not been checked off, you must complete them by this Friday Dec. 7th. No late days or extensions may be used beyond this date. This is a hard deadline set by MIT that we cannot modify.

Week of 11/19:

Design Project has been released.

Week of 11/5:

Quiz 2 is on Thursday Nov. 8th from 7:30-9:30PM in Walker Memorial 50-340.

Lab 7 has been released.

Week of 10/22:

Please see this important piazza post about recent updates to the course.

Lab 6 has been released.

Week of 10/15:

Quiz 1 will be returned in recitation on Wednesday Oct. 17th. If you are unable to get your exam back at that time, you may pick it up from our course administrator, Sally Lee (32-G846).

If you feel that there is a mistake in the grading of your exam, then please take a picture of the first page of your exam as well as the page with the potential error and post them privately on piazza so that we can check if a grading error was made. Please note, that all regrade requests must be made within a week of the exam being returned (so by Oct. 24th for quiz 1).

Lab 5 has been released.

Week of 10/8:

Quiz 1 is on Thursday Oct. 11th from 7:30-9:30PM in Walker Memorial 50-340.

Lab 4 has been released.

Week of 9/24:

Lab 3 has been released.

Week of 9/17:

Lab 2 has been released.

Week of 9/10:

Please follow this tutorial link at: setup.

You will need to log in with your MIT Kerberos credentials to view the page. The page instructs you how to set up the Virtual Machine (VM) that will be used for labs throughout this course. Please be advised that we support only this VM for 6.004 and other platforms such as Athena and non-VM local machines will not be supported.

We have started holding office hours in 32-083. See the office hours tab for lab hours that are covered by a TA.

Lab 1 has been released.

The resources page now has listings of optional reading material for each lecture.

Week of 9/5:

There is no recitation on Wednesday Sep 5, see you in lecture ;)


Role Staff Email Office hours
Instructor Arvind By appointment
Instructor Daniel Sanchez By appointment
Instructor Silvina Hanono Wachman By appointment
Instructor Song Han By appointment
TA Anurag Mukkara See lab hours calendar
TA Brian Wheatman See lab hours calendar
TA Chanwoo Chung See lab hours calendar
TA Elliott Forde See lab hours calendar
TA Intae Moon See lab hours calendar
TA Johnny Gao See lab hours calendar
TA Josh Noel See lab hours calendar
TA Kathy Camenzind See lab hours calendar
TA Maleen Abeydeera See lab hours calendar
TA Olivia Brode-Roger See lab hours calendar
TA Shuotao Xu See lab hours calendar
Course Administrator Sally Lee 32-G846