Computation Structures

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Week 2 / September 7–September 13

This week we will continue our exploration of the RISC-V assembly language and how high level language code is translated into assembly.

Lab 1 has been released and is due on Thursday, Sept 17th at 11:59pm. Checkoffs for lab 1 will begin this Friday. You can sign up for a checkoff here. We will be posting a new sign up sheet each week. You can find its link on piazza.

Lab hours have begun, so please use them for any questions you may have about labs or the course material in general.

Recall that lecture problems are due by 10AM the day of recitation. You only need to attempt each problem to receive credit for it. After attempting all problems, if you refresh the page, it will show you and "Show Answer" button which if pressed, will then enable a "Show Explanation" button. You can look at the staff explanations of the solutions to better understand the material.

Prelab questions must be answered fully correctly to get credit for the prelab. Here too, once you complete the prelab assignment (get all questions correct), if you reload the page you will be able to see staff explanations to all the prelab questions.

The course lecturers offer office hours by appointment. Please reach out if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Week 1 / August 31–September 6

Welcome to 6.004!

The first lecture for 6.004 is on Tuesday, September 1st.

General course information and policies are available in the Information/Course Information tab.

Lecture slides, lecture videos, and tutorial material are available in the Material/Lectures and Recitations tab.

The course schedule is available on the Information/Schedule tab.

Please sign up for piazza for 6.004.

If you are unsure of your recitation assignment, you can look it up via the View Recitation tool that should appear under your username in the toplevel menu. The time, zoom link, and TA of each recitation can be found in the course Information page. If you have a conflict with your assigned recitation, please post a private question to piazza) with your available times and we will reassign you to another recitation. If you do not show up on this list but are registered for 6.004, then also let us know via piazza and we will assign you to a recitation.