Computation Structures

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Week 9 / April 12th–April 18th

Quiz 2 is coming up soon. We will announce on Thursday whether the exam will be on Thursday April 22nd or Tuesday April 27th. It will cover lectures L8-L16 and their corresponding worksheets. It will also cover labs 3-5. As with quiz 1, the exam is a closed book exam and it will be administered through gradescope. Everyone must join the quiz zoom room during their assigned exam. You will be given a copy of the RISC-V ISA handout for use during the exam.

The main difference in how quiz 2 will be administered is that during the exam, you will able to see the exam online, but you will not be able to download the quiz pdf to your local computer. Instead, we will provide you with an answer sheet (similar to last quiz) which you will be able to print out ahead of the exam and write your solutions on. Alternatively, you may write on blank paper or on an ipad provided that you have a way of saving what your wrote as a pdf for submission.

This means that the exam will run from 7:30-9:30pm without an additional 10 minutes for printing. You will have 20 minutes after the exam ends to upload your solutions to gradescope. Students with accommodations will begin the exam at 6:30pm and end at 9:30pm. The distant time zone exam will occur the following morning from 8-10am.

We will once again be answering questions on the zoom call via the private chat as well as by assigning you to meet with a staff member in one of the breakout rooms.

We will be posting further details about the quiz on piazza later this week.

The sample quizzes for quiz 2 are available under the materials/quizzes tab of the course website. We urge you to work through the worksheets before trying the sample quizzes.

Week 4 / March 8th–March 14th

No lecture on Tuesday due to Monday schedule resulting from student holiday.

Lab 2 is due on Thursday (March 11th), and lab 1 checkoff is due on Wednesday (March 10th).

Quiz 1 is coming up next week. The regular exam time is on Thursday, March 18th from 7:30-9:40pm Boston time. We allot an extra 10 minutes to allow you to print out the exams once they are released on gradescope. In addition, you will be given 20 minutes after the exam ends to upload your solutions to gradescope, so you will have until 10pm to upload to gradescope. Additional details will be posted on piazza. The quiz will cover lectures 1-7 and labs 1 and 2. The quiz is a closed book exam. It will be administered through gradescope and everyone must join our quiz zoom room.

Students with accommodations will begins the exam at 6:30pm and complete it with the rest of the class. We will also offer a distant time zone exam on Friday, March 19th from 8-10am Boston time. Finally, we also offer a makeup exam for students with conflicts or a very stressful week. The makeup for quiz 1 will be on Wednesday, March 24th from 3-5pm Boston time. Please post privately to piazza if you would like to be signed up for the distant time zone exam or the regular makeup exam. If you are requesting the regular makeup please provide details of your conflict/situation.

We will have a quiz review on Tuesday, March 16th from 7:30-9:30pm Boston Time using our quiz review zoom room. It will be recorded for those who cannot make the quiz review.

Week 3 / March 1st–March 7th

We have completed our lectures on assembly language. You will still have lots of practice with it through both labs 1 and 2. This week in lecture, we will begin module 2: digital design.

Please remember that to receive credit for each recitation you need to do two things: 1) complete the post lecture questions from the previous lecture by 10AM the day of recitation. Note that you only need to attempt each question to get credit for it. 2) attend and participate in recitation.

Lab 1 is due this Thursday, March 4th by 11:59pm Boston time. After that you will begin incurring late penalties. Late code submission penalties are only applied to the portions of the lab submitted late so if you have some of your lab working make sure to submit it on time. Checkoff late penalties are applied to the entire lab. We do grant everyone 7 excused late days which will automatically get applied so as to maximize your lab score.

Week 1 / February 15th–February 21st

Welcome to the Spring 2021 semester of 6.004!

The first lecture for 6.004 is on Tuesday, February 16th. Our lectures are every Tuesday and Thursday from 1-2PM Boston time over zoom . We encourage questions during lecture so if you can make the live lecture that is the best option. We do provide a recording of all the lectures for students in other time zones as well as for review of the material.

General course information and policies are available in the Information/Course Information tab.

Lecture slides, lecture videos, and tutorial material are available in the Material/Lectures and Recitations tab.

The course schedule is available on the Information/Schedule tab.

Please sign up for piazza for 6.004.

If you are unsure of your recitation assignment, you can look it up via the View Recitation tool that should appear under your username in the toplevel menu. The time, zoom link, and TA of each recitation can be found in the course Information page. If you have a conflict with your assigned recitation, please post a private question to piazza) with your available times and we will reassign you to another recitation. If you do not show up on this list but are registered for 6.004, then also let us know via piazza and we will assign you to a recitation.

Lab 1 will be released on Thursday afternoon around 3PM and the lab will begin to be staffed as of this Friday. If you have questions in the meantime, please post them to piazza.